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CourseStart DateSpace
1 - Pool Practice02/21/15Space Available
1 - Pool Practice02/28/15Space Available
1 - Pool Practice03/14/15Space Available
1 - Pool Practice03/21/15Space Available
115 - 5-day Kayak Training Camp04/06/15Space Available
113 - Open Water Training Camp04/09/15Space Available
1 - Pool Practice04/11/15Space Available
1 - Pool Practice04/18/15Space Available
101 - Beginning Sea Kayak Safety Skills04/19/15Space Available
115 - 5-day Kayak Training Camp04/20/15Space Available


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Learning Is Fun At The Kayak Academy

There is so much you need to learn that isn't being taught anywhere else. That is why we started the Kayak Academy - to offer instruction beyond the industry standards. Whether you come to us for a beginning kayak course, Eskimo roll lesson, or one of our advanced skills training, your Kayak Academy instruction will be the most fun, exciting, and intense lessons you've ever had - on any subject! We spoil our students with great gear, patience, and individual attention. And if you rent a kayak from us during a lesson we'll pick the best ones for you to learn in. Our rental fleet includes over twenty-five models of rudder-free sea kayaks and river kayaks by Jackson, WaveSport, and Dagger. You can't get lessons like this at any other kayak school.

We Teach The Way We Wish We Had Been Taught

Experienced kayak instructors know there are significant differences between the way a good kayaker paddles and the way paddling technique is typically being taught. This dichotomy is especially true in rough conditions when technique matters most. At the Kayak Academy we wouldn't feel right if we paddled one way on our own but taught students to paddle with older, less effective techniques. So we started an independent kayak school, developed our own curriculum based on safety and modern techniques and became the industry leader. No other kayak school combines our ideal course locations, small class size limits, instructor experience, equipment selection, and student-focused practical training. Our kayaking lessons are designed to maximize your learning and success. To learn more about our how we teach, read our Teaching Philosophy. Our Student Testimonials speak for themselves.

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News and Announcements:

Morning Fitness Kayaking - Tues. & Thurs.

Free! More Information

Winter Pool Practice

Cost: $15 plus tax. No memberships required More information

Summer Wednesday Evening Kayak Skills & Exercise Paddle

Free! May 22nd - Sept. Choice of Kayak Skills Practice or Exercise Paddle More Information

Alumni Discounts

KA alumni get half off on all refresher courses. Reviewing a class is great way to become more confident, and there's always more to learn.

Alumni Google Group

KA Alumni only: Stay connected with other students and keep informed of kayak events around the Puget Sound. We use this group to make announcements and setup informal kayak trips. To sign up, go to the Kayak Academy Alumni Google Group.