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COVID Colors

Have you heard about the "perfect COVID color"? [Details]

The Year of Sold Out

Update: As of 8/16/21 we have a good selection of Kokatat GoreTex Pro Legacy and Meridian dry suits in stock. We have most sizes of Kokatat Odyssey drysuits too. Unless you get a message to "call us", it is in stock.

2021 has been an even bigger year for kayaking than last year -- everyone wants to get out on the water! But most kayak manufactures have already sold out of all of their production capacity for the year. As of 8/16/21 we have 1 river kayak and 7 sea kayaks in stock. We have a few Pyranha whitewater kayaks and one P&H sea kayak coming next week. If you want to buy a kayak you better pull the trigger soon or you'll be waiting till 2022 or 2023. More updates in the long version.


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Phone Support Postponed to Feb. 1

KA will continue only filling on-line orders through Feb 1st. We will not do drysuit fittings now or in the foreseeable future. If you purchased a kayak, we will still contact you as soon as we receive it. As before, please email questions rather than calling. If you do call, please leave your name...


No Phone Support

Nov. 1 - Jan. 15 KA will be filling on-line orders only while the owners take a long overdue break. Please email questions rather than calling. Questions that few people in the world can answer will be best saved until midyear. Thanks - George & Barb


Got Vaccine?

K.A.'s mission is to make kayaking safer. So if you want to take a lesson please get your COVID19 vaccine first. Keep yourself and kayakers around you safer.

E-mail a photo of your COVID19 vaccine card when pre-registering for a class.


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