The bow of this sea kayak got stove in while rock-gardening. It should be fixable, though maybe not quite like new. (see after photo below)

Stand it in on end leaned against a tree or house. Warm outside with a hair dryer. Boil a gallon or more of water and pour it into the bow. Switch from hair dryer to a heat gun on medium on the outside. Use a 2’x2’ stick to push it out form the inside. Shape one end of the stick to match the shape of the inside “V” of the keel and start with the blunt end then switch to the shaped end once the dent starts to push out. Waiting for a hot day in July/August will help.

If it pushes out okay it should be just as strong as new. Just be careful not to melt it with the heat gun. You want the plastic to get soft, but not runny. When the plastic starts to look shinny or "sweaty" that is hot enough.

After repair

It worked! He said it pretty much popped out on its own with just hot water and a heat gun. 



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