"My seat back doesn't provide enough support - I'm a 250 pound guy and the back isn't strong enough to push against my back. Do you have any recommendations on a seat back replacement or accessory that might help?"


Sorry but usually the seat back that comes with a kayak is about as good as it gets in terms of back support. Sometimes shortening the foot-brace adjustment helps your back by facilitating a more upright sitting posture. And exercises that build core strength will help most. Efficient paddling requires torso rotation which is why most kayaks don’t have tall, stiff seat backs because such back support would interfere with your ability to rotate. Paddling with good posture and rotation will gradually build core strength if you stay with it long enough, but one needs to start with small steps (short trips that end when your back starts to get tired/sore) and gradually build up to longer times and distances in the kayak.


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