On 10/11/2021 someone told me the FDA had not approved any COVID19 Vaccines. I said the FDA had approved the Pfizer vaccine. He said, "Show me". I entered the url "cdc.gov" into my browser and it didn't take long to find an article saying the FDA had approved the Pfizer vaccine, but the wording was a bit confusing. So I went to the url "fda.gov", and with a little digging found the original press release from Aug. 23, 2021 which makes it quite clear:


But what is the next lie and how long will that take to disprove? In the time it takes to disprove and document one lie another hundred or more lies can easily be fabricated. It didn't take long, the next one is that vaccinated people are more likely to spread COVID19 than unvaccinated people. Per the CDC website:

"COVID-19 vaccines can reduce the risk of people spreading the virus that causes COVID-19." see (under Effectiveness):



There's no supply chain shortage, it's all a lie like COVID....


Look, I'm a kayaker. I'd rather be kayaking than myth busting internet lies for the COVID vaccine "hesitant" all day, every day. At some point if your info sources lied to you about this and lied to you about that, why trust them about other garbage they tell you? If you don't trust the media, stop getting your news from it (YouTube, Facebook, Fox, etc. are the untrustworthy media). Instead go to the source (in this case the FDA and CDC). If you don't trust the science, facts, and reality, wake up and smell the coffee -- the real world is much better than your fantasy.

On the other hand, maybe teaching kayaking makes me uniquely qualified to bust people's false beliefs about COVID19, vaccines, and supply chains. As a kayak instructor we have to deal with students' hesitancy to practice capsizing, learning to roll, doing arithmetic, and lots of other scary things. And students show up with all kinds of fake news supporting their beliefs that they shouldn't have to do this or that. The difference is that kayak students are all so thankful after you've taught them what they didn't think they could do, if only it were that way with busting peoples' myths about vaccines, supply chain shortages, flat earths....

George Gronseth, future victim of trolls.


K.A.'s mission is to make kayaking safer. So if you want to take a lesson please get your COVID19 vaccine first. Keep yourself and kayakers around you safer.

E-mail a photo of your COVID19 vaccine card when pre-registering for a class.