Kayak Academy is pleased to partner with KAS Specialty Transport. KAS delivers rowing shells, sea kayaks, and canoes on specially built kayak trailers so the boats arrive in one piece (unlike conventional freight consolidator trucking companies).
KA has the expert paddlers/sales staff to fit you in the right kayak. Choose from: Valley, TideRace, Current Designs, P& H or Wilderness Systems.
Contact KAS Transport for a quote to ship your kayak or canoe! Kayaks ship F.O.B. from K.A. to a meeting place near you. KAS will be making a pick-up at K.A. (in the PNW) around mid-February. You will need to contact KAS for and estimate and to make shipping arrangements (where and when to meet their truck). The cost is competitive with freight consolidators, but KAS's service is much better.


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