Scorpio's are the plastic version of the P&H Cetus. For 2017, P&H introduces a third size of the Scorpio RM kayak series -- the HV (for XL-XXL size paddlers) which corresponds to the Cetus HV for fit (Cetus are also available in three sizes).

Also new for 2017 is a lighter version of P&H's triple layer roto-molded construction. The new kayaks with "Corelite X" construction (instead of plain Corelite) are about 5 lbs lighter than previous plastic P&H kayaks and stiffer too! This makes the 2017 Scorpio and Delphin as light or lighter than other plastic kayaks in their class! We have demos and retail stock of all the new model. Come pick one up at the K.A. shop - you'll like the new Corelite X.