Here's an announcement from NRS which sums up the way things are:

"As our industry experiences consumer demand at unprecedented levels, it is simultaneously experiencing a bottleneck in supply. While Covid-19 precautions have led countless people into the outdoors to enjoy healthy, socially distant activities such as paddling, the virus has also disrupted our manufacturing system and shipping lanes. This has created an industry-wide inventory shortage to which NRS is not immune."

We are fortunate that kayak shops have been spared the economic impacts of COVID, and it looks like 2021 is going to be even bigger than last year -- everyone wants to get outside and on the water! The downside is most kayak manufactures have already pre-booked and sold out of all of their production capacity for the whole year. Jackson, Dagger, Pyranha, WS, P&H, Current Designs all sold out except what we have in stock or already on order. This is the first time we've ever heard of this happening. That means there will be no custom orders for kayaks until this fall (for delivery next year) and you will be limited to buying from what is in stock or back ordered at your dealer. As of 8/16/21 we have 1 river kayak and 7 sea kayaks in stock. We have a few Pyranha whitewater kayaks and one P&H sea kayak coming next week. We also have some Dagger river kayaks on order, but their delivery is delayed. We are pre-selling boats we have on order so if you want to buy a kayak pull the trigger soon or you'll be waiting until 2022 or 2023. We will soon complete our last Valley order for 2021 for Sept. delivery. So if you want any of these kayaks get on it now. We have already pre-sold most of our 2021 delivery orders from all brands; a 50% deposit will reserve your order on these.

Aug. 16 2021 update: Usually manufacturers ask dealers to submit their next year's Pre-season orders in the fall, but this year most manufacturers of kayaks and kayaking accessories started requiring 2022 pre-season orders to be placed this spring or summer and some sold out of all 2022 production within hours of the beginning of the order window. So K.A. will not be taking any orders for custom kayaks (e.g. models we don't normally stock) from now through 2022. Jackson and Current Designs were some of the kayak manufacturer's that sold out of 2022 production immediately so we are waiting to see if we will be able to buy any of their boats for next year.