The all new Xceed has the speed, strength, and storage volume of the legendary TideRace Xplore which it replaces, and the Xceed is lighter and more maneuverable. The Xplore had the reputation of being the fastest skeg kayak, but the new Xceed well -- exceeds it and adds a bit more stability too. Xceed is available in three sizes which fit very similar to the three sizes of the old Xcape series (the other fast skeg kayak). Also new for 2019 is weight saving and impact toughening Vacuum Infused Heat Cured Epoxy construction on all lay-ups from G-Core Glass to Carbon. And for the first time TideRace is offering a lightweight infusion molded Carbon Epoxy lay-up (with Xceed S weighing only 48lbs, and the mid sized Xceed only 49lbs!). You'll be amazed how much easier it is to lift one of these and load it on your car. Read More