Course Required Equipment

Required equipment for courses - examples of personal and paddling equipment. Items in bold are available at KA.

Lunch (optional thermos with hot beverage)

Drinking water


Sunglasses with retainer

2 Light to Mid-weight Polyester/Wool shirts

1 pair of Mid-weight or Long underwear (Polartec, Polyester/wool, Capilene, Polyester)

Fleece Pullover or vest

Small to Medium dry bag filled with extra clothes, car keys, etc.

Fleece or wool hat

Wet suit booties or neoprene liner sock for kayak shoes


Insulated Jacket (yes, even in summer - it is always windy and cold on the bridge where we meet)

A towel, bath robe, and change of clothes for to leave in your car for after class

Prescription medications


Kayak with back-up floatation in both ends (recommend airbags inside front & rear bulkhead chambers or a sea sock + air bags).

Helmet- Bicycle helmet will be not accepted. Only for Surf, Deception Pass, Surf and High Wind course

Paddle with tether/leash

Spare Paddle on deck

Spray skirt -- contact us to order. We sell Seals Sprayskirts

Bilge pump (kayak type) with foam flotation collar and no tether/leash.

Self-rescue paddle float (When buying one, be sure it is a large size with two air chambers and two valves)

50’ floating tow rope system, (not just a deck line or loose piece of rope)

Personal Floatation Device (PFD, Coast Guard approved kayak type life jacket)

Whistle (attached to PFD)


Safety Books