KA Dry Bag Flat X-Long Small Diameter

KA Dry Bag Flat X-Long Small Diameter

$ 45.00 USD

Our KA Vented Flat X-Long Small Dia. Dry Bags have a tough waterproof PU coating on the inside (where it is less likely to get scratched) and slippery medium weight nylon on the outside. This combination makes it is easier to stow in kayak hatches and more durable than the ultra light weight dry bags made for the "go-light" backpacking industry. These drybags have a one-way vent valve so you can compress them after sealing the fold-down top. Compressing the excess air out makes the bags even easier to slide into your kayak, and they waste less space too. They also have a fold-down top with the Super-Seal Closure (Vinyl Coated Webbing) that makes it easier to fold the top down neatly and gives a dryer seal than plain webbing. None of our drybags have circular bottoms. Bags with circular bottoms fit nicely when stowed vertically in backpacks with flat bottoms, but they waste space in kayaks. Bags like ours which start of flat when empty take on a slightly tapered bullet shape at the bottom end when full, this shape helps them slide in kayak hatches and allows one bag to partially overlap another instead of plugging a space the way bags with circular bottoms do. Seams are radio-frequency welded by a US manufacturer with over 30 years of testing and reliability behind them.

Our KA Vented Flat Drybags are available in several shapes and sizes. The X-Long Small size is very unique. It is the roughly the same diameter as our Small dry bag but more than twice as long (about the length of the Medium). Stuffed, rolled four times, sealed and compressed it ends up about 24" long. This is a great size and shape for a week's worth of socks and underwear plus a few shirts etc. It also works well for food if you plan your meals ahead and load the food into this long slender bag in layers according to the order you'll need to pull it out. In British style sea kayaks with low, flat rear decks, it works better to stow two of these bags side by side longitudinally rather than trying to cram one Medium sized bag in the same space, and then fighting to get the the hatch closed (sound familiar?). For river kayakers, two of them fit in the aft end of a creek boat. Even though this bag's diameter is small enough to fit through a "day hatch", it's too long for that use. For bags in day hatches we recommend using our standard proportioned Flat Vented Small Drybag. Note we also sell Medium sized standard shaped Flat Vented Drybags, but these bags are under separate item numbers, after adding the above bags to your Shopping Cart, click the "Continue Shopping" button to go to the other bags.

For kayak camping trips, we recommend at least two of these X-Long Small Dia. size drybags.

Color: Sour Apple Green (10" dia. x 34.5" L)