KA Flat PU Coated Nylon Dry Bag, XS

KA Flat PU Coated Nylon Dry Bag, XS

$ 28.00 USD

Our KA Flat XS dry bag (top bag in the photo) has a tough waterproof PU coating on the inside (where it won't get scratched) and slippery medium weight nylon on the outside. This combination makes it is easier to stow in kayak hatches and more durable than the ultra light weight dry bags made for the go light backpacking industry. These drybags have a fold-down top with the Super-Seal Closure (Vinyl Coated Webbing) that makes it easier to fold the top down neatly and gives a dryer seal than plain webbing. Seams are radio-frequency welded by a US manufacturer with over 30 years of testing and reliability behind them.

After getting frustrated by dry bags that don't last or are sticky plastic on the outside, we started having these bags made special just for us. Then everyone wanted them, so here you go.

Our KA Flat XS dry bag is only available in one size, and it is our only dry bag without a one-way vent valve (at this size venting the bag isn't worth it). This XS bag is the only size small enough to easily slide behind the skeg box in sea kayaks with skegs. By stowing gear behind the skeg and on both sides of it, you can get almost as much gear in a skeg kayak as a kayak without a skeg. The XS dry bag also fits easily in a kayak day hatches. We recommend using several of these XS dry bags. If you just buy one or two, you'll be back for more (they make great gifts too). One for each roll of Toilet Paper (flatten the roll first), one for your bath/toiletries, one for drysocks for camp (see our Launch Socks), if your camp stove is small enough, stow it in one, one for pocket sized cameras, and one for kitchen spices.

Color: Sour Apple Green (empty and flat: 8"x16")