Kokatat GORETEX PRO SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit w/soft neck

Kokatat GORETEX PRO SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit w/soft neck

$ 1,250.00 USD

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Brief Description

Kokatat SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit breathes better and lasts longer than any other semi-dry suit. The Angler Paddling Suit has a flap that covers the Relief Zipper, and is made out of GoreTex Pro fabric so it stands up better to the rigors of kayak fishing with a sit-on-top kayak. 

Detailed Description

The Kokatat Gore-tex Pro SuperNova Angler Paddling suit comes standard with latex wrist gaskets with adjustable neoprene over-cuffs at the wrists, gravel guards at the ankles, waterproof breathable dry-socks made of the same 3-layer Goretex fabric as the suit, a men's Relief Zipper (for speed and convenience when nature calls), and a front entry zipper that runs diagonally across the chest of the suit making it easy to get in and out of (as opposed to dry suits with rear entry shoulder zippers that require teamwork to get in and out of without breaking the zipper).

The Kokatat Gore-tex Pro SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit has a neoprene "Neo Cinch Collar". The Neo Cinch Collar doesn't seal completely as a drysuit latex neck gasket, but it is a lot more comfortable than a rubber gasket around your neck. As long as you aren't practicing multiple rolls in a kayak or going for a long swim offshore, the Neo Cinch Collar neck on the Goretex Pro SuperNova Angler suit may be good enough for your fishing and paddling needs. In other words, you will get several spoons full of water down the neck each time your head and/or neck go underwater, but from the neck down the Angler suit is built the same as a dry suit, and it beats the heck out of swimming in waders. For surf fishing, you'll even be able to fish longer on incoming tides before worrying about water going over the top of your waders as you walk back to shore.

If you sweat a lot we recommend the Kokatat Gore-Tex Pro SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit because it is even more breathable than the Hydrus fabrics. In addition, the wide, stable kayaks often used for fishing make you sweat more on your way to your fishing spot than someone in a sea kayak; so the extra breathability makes a difference.


  • Made of waterproof/breathable 3-layer Goretex fabric
  • Nylon watersports zippers -- waterproof for surface swimming.
  • Men's Colors:
    • Acorn
    • Red
  • Men's Sizes:
    • S (S by special order only, contact us)
    • M-XXL
    • L-King (L-King is the height of a Men's Large but its 58in chest and waist is greater than that of an XXL)
  • Note: No custom options or sizing alterations are available on this model suit, it's a package deal take it or leave it. The Kokatat Goretex SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit comes with a lifetime warranty on the fabric.

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FREE KA Drysuit Care Kit included with this suit (KA Drysuit Maintenance Guide, Zipper Lube, 303 Protectant gasket lube, and Synthetic Fabric Soap)

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"Even if this wasn't the only kayak angler-specific GoreTex semi-dry suit on the market, it would probably still be the best paddling suit for kayak fishing. Kokatat's seam taping quality is amazing; you can stand in water all day and not get a drop leaking in through the seams or fabric. Even for bank fishing, wearing a full suit beats the heck out of waders, and it's safer too. The Goretex SuperNova Angler Paddling Suit does what it's supposed to do, and unlike most waders Kokatat makes the suit right here in the USA." -GG