GASKET REPLACEMENT SERVICE, Universal (NON-Kokatat Brand) WRIST (parts & labor)

GASKET REPLACEMENT SERVICE, Universal (NON-Kokatat Brand) WRIST (parts & labor)

GASKET REPLACEMENT SERVICE, Universal (NON-Kokatat Brand) WRIST (parts & labor)

$ 40.00 USD

To find your gasket size, simply find a fabric or flexible tape measure and measure the circumference of your wrist at its thinnest point.


  • S: (up to 6.6" wrist) 
  • L: (6.6 - 7.3" wrist) 
  • XL: (7.3 - 7.8" wrist) 
  • XXL: (7.8 - 8.3" wrist) 
  • XXXL: (8.3" and up wrist)

Send us your dry suit or dry top for fast, professional WRIST gasket repair. We'll replace your old, worn out, cracked, gummy or torn latex gaskets with new high quality Universal ones. We'll give your other gaskets a free inspection and contact you if we feel it is time to replace them.

Note: The standard repair is to trim the old gasket down to about one inch and glue the new gasket on top of the old. But if your old gasket is coming unglued from the drysuit fabric, we can only glue a new gasket on the other side of the fabric (the clean side).

Our Universal gaskets last as long as any others we've tested, and we have Universal gaskets to fit almost any brand of watersports dry wear that came with latex seals. For Kokatat brand dry-wear, we recommend having us install factory original Kokatat Gaskets -- unless you want a gasket size Kokatat doesn't offer. For authentic Kokatat gasket replacement, go back to "DRYSUITS/GASKETS" and select the type of gasket service you need (neck, wrist, etc.) for "GASKET REPLACEMENT SERVICE, "KOKATAT ....".

We strive to complete the repair by the fifth business day (M-F) after your garment arrives, and we'll put it into shipping the first business day after service is completed. If you live on the east coast or mid-west, you can expedite the return shipping for this order with our UPS 3-Day Shipping Option at check-out and by sending it to us with expedited shipping. The shipping you pay for at our check out is for us to return your item to you after servicing it. If you are in a rush, call us about availability for our priority 1-day repair service (cost is 1.5x  regular repair). Note: If you combine other items with this order, we will hold all items for shipment together with your dry suit/dry top after it has been serviced. To have other items shipped separately, place a separate order for your repairs. 

We can install either the original size gasket or a different size that fits you better. If your original gasket was too tight or too loose, enter that in the "Comments" box at check-out along with your neck measurement information and we can pick the best size for you. If you don't provide your sizing info, we can't guaranty the fit. To measure your wrist circumference, lightly wrap a measuring tape or string around slimmest part of your wrist -- don't pull tight.

Select the "Size" and "Quantity" of gaskets you want us to replace and click "add to cart". If you order only one wrist etc., please indicate which side you want replaced (Left or Right) in the "Comments" box at check-out. If you want both wrists, ankles, or socks replaced, simply set the "Quantity" to "2". 

PRINT two copies of your Order Confirmation -- keep one and put the other in the box with the gear you send us. 

WASH your dry suit with soap and allow to dry before sending it to us. Health codes require that all garments returned for repairs must be laundered. An additional $25.00 cleaning fee will be added to your repair service for dirty and/or smelly garments shipped to us (or it will be returned without service at the owner's expense), and cleaning will add three days to the repair schedule. When using a front loading washing machine, use a small amount of liquid detergent, cold wash setting and hang to dry. Dry tops can be washed in top load machine. For dry suits, if you can't use a front loading washing machine, we recommend hand washing dry suit in a tub using the same instructions as above. See FAQ

PACK your clean item(s) with a copy of your Order Confirmation. If you ship more than one item to us in the same box, attach a note to each item specifying which type and size gasket(s) you want installed on each article as well as which side (L or R). Be sure to adjust the quantity above to account for total quantity to install on all articles.

SHIP via UPS to:

Kayak Academy - Repairs
11801 188th Ave.
Issaquah, WA 98027

To add more repair items to your cart (i.e. if you want the neck and wrist(s) replaced), click "add to cart" and then click "continue shopping" and return to the "DRYSUITS/GASKETS" page.

Note we do not work on drysuits made for military use, rescue swimmers, or flight suits. These suits occasionally show up on E-Bay at seemingly cheap prices but needing new gaskets. Unfortunately, these suits generally aren't designed with replaceable gaskets (gaskets are often sewn and seam taped over). You may be able to glue on our Universal gaskets yourself, but the result won't meet our standards.