Keel Eazy Keel Strip (by the foot)

Keel Eazy Keel Strip (by the foot)

$ 4.00 USD was

KeelEazy has reinvented the kayak keel strip with an attractive 2" wide by 1/32" thick ABS plastic peel and stick material that makes it clean and easy to install. KeelEazy is lighter and more abrasion resistant than traditional keel strips made of fiberglass tape and gel coat, it also absorbs impact better than glass keel strips because the plastic and the adhesive absorb energy whereas a glass keel strip just transfers the shock into the kayak. KeelEazy can be applied to any composite boat and it's easy for the do-it-yourselfer to do a professional looking installation. With the help of a heat gun and a partner pulling on it, KeelEazy can be installed over the full keel in less than an hour. You can also just put it on the ends using about 5' of KeelEazy at each end. By warming it with a heat gun on low while pulling on it, KeelEazy will stretch and bend nicely around the compound curves at the bow and stern of sea kayaks without wrinkles on all but the sharpest corners (for really tight bends in the bow and stern part of some keels we trim the KeelEazy strip down to about 1" width locally like an "hourglass" waist to prevent wrinkles). Compared to fiberglass keel strips, KeelEazy has beautiful clean edges. For skeg kayaks, after applying KeelEazy over the skeg box simply trim out the opening for the skeg with a utility knife (we tuck a 3/4" tab of the KeelEazy into the ends of the skeg box to add protection to this vulnerable part of the kayak).

If you drag your boat over sand and pea gravel, fiberglass keel strips wear out just as fast as the original gel coat bottoms of kayaks, but KeelEazy is much more abrasion resistant than fiberglass and gel coat, however nothing is abrasion resistant enough to drag over pavement (for that we sell wheels).  Glass keel strips usually have rough edges that add drag. KeelEazy is so smooth that when you apply white KeelEazy on a white hull you have to look hard to see that it's there, and when you do, it looks nice. We put Keel Easy on all our fiberglass rental kayaks, and it has saved time and money on repairs. If you have a glass kayak, we recommend adding KeelEazy.

If needed, KeelEazy can be removed with a heat gun and alcohol (on glass kayaks "Goo Gone" works great). New fiberglass and roto-molded polyethylene kayaks should be prepped with Acetone before applying KeelEazy.

KeelEazy is not recommended for application on thermo-formed (plastic/carbonlite) boats.

KeelEazy is $4/foot which works out to only $68 to run full length on a 17' kayak.

Colors: black, white, red, yellow, dark green, dark blue, and orange.

(note sometimes people search for this spelled: keal eazy or kealeazy)