Waggoners Tables 2021 (formerly known as "Washburn's Tables")

Waggoners Tables 2021 (formerly known as

Waggoners Tables 2021 (formerly known as "Washburn's Tables")

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Waggoner's Tables for the current year (formerly known as Washburne's Tables) are specifically made to be used with the "Current Atlas Straight of Juan de Fuca to Strait of Georgia". Wagoner's Tables make it simple to find what page of the "Current Atlas" to turn to for each hour of the day -- any day that year.

As with the tidal data these tables are based on, Wagoner's Tables are only good for one year, but the "Current Atlas" is perennial. Each year the new tables come out around December and from that time on no matter what the description here says, we will ship you the table for the coming year (And sometimes the webmaster forgets to update this page with the new year, but we won't sell you last year's tables).

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