River Kayak Harmony WW Stern Bag "Playboat" - Vinyl

River Kayak Harmony WW Stern Bag

River Kayak Harmony WW Stern Bag "Playboat" - Vinyl

$ 44.00 USD


These are really a universal whitewater kayak stern float bags. Although called the "Playboat" Stern bag, that name was given back when freestyle kayaks were longer than creak kayaks (aka "spud boats"). So they fit well in the stern of most river kayaks designed after the 1990's (basically anything newer and shorter than a Dancer). Creek boats, river runners, as well as play boats and surf kayaks. These bags are designed to be used as a left and right pair to accommodate a center pillar in the stern (but they are sold individually so for a pair order two). Sold individually, price each.

Tip: Old float bags get a slimy film on the outside. Deflate and pressure wash them to make them look new.


The vinyl these bags are made of usually outlasts nylon float bags for this application.

27" x 13" (69cm x 33cm)