Gath Helmet Visor

Gath Helmet Visor

Gath Helmet Visor

$ 28.00 USD


Gath Goggle is an optional accessory for the Gath Gedi Helmet. The Goggle is retractable so you can flip it up if the light gets too dim or the Goggle fogs up (rarely a problem if you keep it coated with an anti-fog soap solution.

To install the Goggle, if your helmet came with the black Ribbed Rubber Visor, simply unscrew the Ribbed Visor and install the Gath Goggle in its place. You can't have both the Visor and Goggle at the same time. If your helmet didn't come with a Visor, pry out the two little plastic oval pieces that cover the nut-plates for the goggle/visor/face shield and install the goggle screws into these threaded holes.

Note the helmet and Goggles are sold separately, this item is for the Goggle only. We also sell the Gath Gedi Helmets.


There are two sizes of Goggles to fit the various sizes of Gath Gedi helmets. The two sizes are called: #2 and #3 (there is no #1)

2 (fits S,M, and L Gedi Helmets)
3 (fits XL, XXL, and XXXL Gedi Helmets)

Colors: Clear or Smoke