Valley Kayak Seat

Valley Kayak Seat

$ 140.00 USD

Valley and North Shore kayaks built after 2010 come with this seat bottom. Unfortunately the first few years of production this seat tended to crack. Valley added more foam under the seat to support it better and reduce the flexing, and later yet they added aluminum reinforcement angles where the seat bolts into the deck and the back-band attaches to the seat. These aluminum angles transfer the force from the backband directly into the kayak deck - a big improvement structurally. Once retro-fitted with these improvements we haven't seen a single failure in these seats. Yeah Valley!

This seat includes the Left and Right aluminum reinforcement angles for the seat attachments and the foam to support the seat from underneath - see photo (you will need to cut the support foam to fit your kayak - trim 0.25"-1.00" off the bottom of the foam depending on whether your kayak is an HV, MV, or LV size). Seat pad, hip pads and back-band are all sold separately. 

We mark arrows pointing toward the front of the seat on the foam pieces and the seat so all you have to do is match them up as in the photo here and glue together with contact cement (Barge Cement is a common brands sold in a small tube at most hardware stores) or caulking.

This seat fits standard and HV (high volume) Valley and North Shore Kayaks. It also fits Nordkapp LV but not necessarily other LV models. Valley makes a LV version of this seat, but we've never seen one of them break so we don't stock that item at this time. To check this is the right seat turn it upside down like in the side photo but without any foam and place a straight edge across the cheeks and measure the vertical height - it should be about 7.25"