Wilderness Systems & Dagger Skeg Cable Pre-2011 Models

Wilderness Systems & Dagger Skeg Cable Pre-2011 Models

Wilderness Systems & Dagger Skeg Cable Pre-2011 Models

$ 30.00 USD

Skeg Cable for all pre-2011 Wilderness Systems & Dagger sea kayaks: Tempest 165, 170, 180, Zephyr 15.5 & 16, and Alchemy 14L & 14S sea kayaks. Choice of standard replacement part which is over sized and must be cut when installing or custom cable cut to match your old one (no extra charge).

To install a skeg cable, the ends must be cut cleanly and square. In order to cut the skeg cable yourself, you will need a cable cutting tool designed for cutting stainless steel cable up to at least 1/8" diameter. Wire cutters, Lineman's pliers, etc. will not work for this type of cable (we've tried). Even to work just one time the cutting tool must be rated for cutting stainless steel cable. The cable cutters that work typically cost $40-$60 and are a hard to find (try bike shops, marine hardware stores, or a really good hardware store if you know one).

No two kayaks have exactly the same length cable even if they are the same model kayak. So the standard replacement part is over-sized (9' long), and must be cut to fit when installing. However, you may choose to mail us your old cable so we can pre-cut a new cable the same length for you at no extra charge (Note, measuring the length of your old cable is not accurate enough. We need to lay your old cable side by side with the new one while cutting it.). If you want to have a spare cable, now is the time to get one - ordering two of the same sized custom cut cables at the same time will save you money for shipping. Your choice of the above options will indicate whether you want a standard over-sized cable shipped now or you will be sending us your old cable so we can custom cut a cable matched to your old one. If sending us your old cable, put a copy of your prepaid sales receipt in the box with your old cable so we know who it belongs to. Anything else that you order at the same time will be held for shipping till we receive your old cable - so if you want other items shipped sooner, make a separate purchase order and payment for just the cable.

Note, about 90% of the time a bent skeg cable can be straightened well enough that replacement isn't necessary. Sometimes bends can be straightened by hand, but sharp bends require using two pairs of pliers. A slight waviness in the cable after straightening is okay as long as the cable slides through the poly tube sheath without sticking Waves that are shorter than an inch or still have a tight kink will likely stick and bend again, but a cable with long gentle waves usually works as good as new.

On the pre-2011 Wilderness Systems Tempest or Zephyr or Dagger Alchemy 14 kayaks, the only place the skeg cable is likely to bend is in the first few inches above the skeg blade. Often this can be straightened without completely removing the cable from the kayak, and if this works it will save a lot of time. However, it is easier to straighten the cable if you take it all the way out so the choice depends on where and how badly the cable is bent. The steps start out the same regardless of whether you to attempt to straighten the cable or replace it.

For instructions on replacing a skeg cable on a pre-2011 WS Tempest, WS Zephyr, or Dagger Alchemy 14 S or L, click Tips Page - Skeg Cable Repair .