North Water U-Link Contact Tow & Stirrup

North Water U-Link Contact Tow & Stirrup

$ 59.00 USD


A combination rescue stirrup for re-entry and contact tow.

Neoprene wrap provides this multi-tool a quick, simple and effective way to keep it  organized for when the time comes and you need it.


5' (60") of C277 nad C253 1" (25mm) high visibility nylon webbing.

  • Re-entry is easier with the confident feel of the solid sinking foot stirrup
  • Attaches to perimeter deck lines on your Kayak 
  • Stores in a deck bag or pocket
  • Two marine grade Stainless steel keyhole carabiners and an adjustable side release buckle make an elegant solution for:
    • Contact tow
    • Stirrup re-entry rescue
    • Rafting kayaks
    • Attaching to a dock
    • An emergency paddle leash during a rescue
  • High visibility yellow nylon webbing
  • Adjustable Length for easier stirrup reentry