KA XL Mesh Rucksack w/drawcord top, 32" x 36", black

KA XL Mesh Rucksack w/drawcord top, 32

KA XL Mesh Rucksack w/drawcord top, 32" x 36", black

$ 76.00 USD

If it's big enough, a rucksack is the best way for a kayaker to haul their gear from the parking lot to the water on day trips, and from the beach to their tent site on camping trips. A rucksack is basically the simplest form of a backpack, no frame, no hip belt, just a sack with shoulder straps. Try stuffing a large internal frame backpack through the hatches of a sea kayak and you'll understand the beauty of a rucksack's simplicity. Even if you can get your backpack through your kayak hatches, an empty rucksack takes up less space than a backpack, and anyone who's gone on a multi-day kayak trip knows the value of gear that saves room in the kayak.

When camping in bear country, we use our rucksacks to hold the food bags we hang. This protects the drybags we use to store our food in from getting poked by branches etc., and it makes the chore of hanging food a lot easier than when dealing with a bunch of individual bags. We also use our rucksacks as daypacks to hold our lunch, extra clothes, etc. when going on hikes in the middle of a kayak expedition.

Having used a lot of rucksacks over the years, we found two main problems with them. They're too small to do the job, and they have zippers and other hardware that corrode and break. So we designed our own KA Rucksack to be the ultimate kayaking rucksack. It's big enough to hold all your gear for day trips, it's mostly made of mesh so it dries quickly, and it doesn't have any zippers to corrode. KA Rucksacks are the result of years of product testing on numerous kayak expeditions in Alaska and they've even held up to being used as portage packs by Boy Scouts doing the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit (with over 70lbs of food and gear being hauled in the rucksacks over miles of portage trails).

KA Rucksack features a giant sized sack (32" W x36" H) and backpack style ladder locks to adjust the 2" wide unpadded webbing shoulder straps.

"The rucksack is HUGE and should enable me to carry all my dry bags and other bits to camp in only 2 trips. My husband was impressed also. We're already coming up with other uses for them, too." PL