Astral Layla PFD XS (for petite women)

Astral Layla PFD XS (for petite women)

$ 139.95 USD

Astral's founder introduced this style of PFD about 25 years ago, and they've found that no other design conforms to a slender woman’s body better. The hinged princess seams and super soft organic kapok foam create a special fit that women crave. In addition, the Layla has a large front pocket and can host a 1.5" wide quick release tow belt.

Foam Insert: Organic Kapok, PVC Free Gaia®& PE Foam

Sizing: XS = 27-31"

Weight: XS = 1.76 lbs / 28 oz / 800 gr

Approval Type: USCG Type III