Current Designs Sisu & Sisu LV

Current Designs Sisu & Sisu LV

$ 3,499.00 USD was

Brief Description 

Sisu turned heads at this year's Hobuck Hoedown surf contest. "Now that's what I call a kayak, said KA staff member Jameson!" "No S....!, exclaimed Barb". Every square inch of this ocean play and tour kayak hull shouts outstanding design, and it will definitely get your attention as it carves sharp turns on waves!

Beautiful inside and out and made right here in the USA (American flag on rear deck included).

Offered in two sizes: Sisu and Sisu LV.


Detailed Description

Sisu is the newest contender in the category of sea kayaks designed for playing in surf, tideraces, rock gardens, as well as day tours, and it sets a new standard. Danish designer Jesper Kromann-Andersen and Current Designs stand out even more on this second collaboration, the Sisu. Sporting the new look of the CD Prana but shorter, more rockered, and lightly wider. The Sisu is one of (if not the most) the maneuverable sea kayaks. The Sisu excels in rock gardens, tide races, and wave faces. It's also surprisingly efficient (unlike most other ocean play kayaks) so it tours with ease. This exciting kayak is also extremely user friendly for aspiring paddlers to rapidly develop skills and elevate performance, and the full size Sisu is one of the roomier sea kayaks for people with bicyclist's legs.

Available in fiberglass or Kevlar composite constructions with exceptional outfitting throughout. Also available in a LV (low volume) configuration with a reduced depth of 3/4".

Rough Fit Guide:

The Sisu  is best suited for paddlers  6' to 6' 6", 180-240 lbs 
The Sisu LV is best suited for paddlers 5' 5" to 6' 2", 130-180 lbs

Standard Options

  • Composite Seam
  • Retractable Skeg
  • 15 Colors to Choose From
  • Compass Recess (for 70P)
  • Four Hatches

Special order available in Kevlar.
Call the Kayak Academy to arrange a demo.


Overall Length: 16' 0" (487cm)
 Width: 22.30" (56.6cm)
 Depth Sisu/Sisu LV: 12.75"/12.00" (32.4/30.5cm)
 Weight: 52 lbs.


Cockpit Size (inside dim., coaming fits a Med. Spraydeck):
 Length: 32.00" (81.3cm)
 Width: 16.50" (41.9cm)

Bow Hatch:
 Length: 9.50" (24.1cm)
 Width: 9.50" (24.1cm)
 Volume: 17Gal. (64L)

Day Hatch:
 Length: 8.00" (20.3cm)
 Width: 8.00" (20.3cm)
 Volume: 11Gal. (42L)

Stern Hatch:
 Length: 10.25" (26.03cm)
 Width: 10.25" (26.03cm)
 Volume: 20Gal. (76L)


CD FG Colors

Special Shipping Required

Kayaks are excluded from our free shipping policy. Sea kayaks are expensive to ship and prone to being damaged. We recommend picking them up at our shop. If needed, we can provide contact info for specialty boat hauling businesses so you to arrange your own FOB shipping.