Seal-Line HP Map Case

Seal-Line HP Map Case

Seal-Line HP Map Case

$ 34.95 USD

Seal-Line HP Map Case has a fold down closure that is durable and easier to close than press lock closures -- especially with cold fingers. However, as with fold down dry bags this is not a perfectly dry seal. The corners have loops so those who want to attach it to their canoe or raft can easily add clips or Velcro to do so. As kayakers, we prefer having the freedom to pull our chart over our sprayskirt for closer inspection; so buckles etc. just get in the way and create another hazard for scraping your thumbs on while paddling.

These chart cases are made of very clear, thin Polyurethane that makes it easy to see through. However, because the clear PU is so thin you must treat these cases with care or you will ruin them the first time. Do not mark on this case with a grease pen as the scrubbing to clean it off will likely damage the PU. In spite of the need to be gentle on them, these are the best chart cases available.

Seal_Line makes these chart cases in three sizes, but the M and L sizes are the only two that are any good for use with a navigation chart so that's all we sell.


M Inside dimensions: 12.5"W x 15"L

L Inside dimensions: 14"W x 21"L