Pelican 2690 LED Headlamp

Pelican 2690 LED Headlamp

Pelican 2690 LED Headlamp

$ 44.00 USD

Pelican's 2690 LED Headlamp (formerly called "Heads Up") is the most rugged and reliable water resistant LED headlamp we can find. The no-nonsense rotary bezel switch is easy to operate, even while wearing bulky gloves, and not likely to turn itself on just from being stuffed in a day hatch. It's focused spot beam is plenty bright enough for setting up camp in the dark, cooking, and walking on trails in the woods. Built for mining, the 2690 LED is made of impact and chemical resistant ABS and is water resistant for all-weather and kayak use. It comes with batteries and a simple, adjustable and comfortable elastic headband strap plus a rubber non-slip strap for use with helmets. There are plenty of lighter and cheaper headlamps around but the Heads Up LED is the one you can count on working -- we've never had one of these returned!

Run Time:  11 hours, 

Weight with batteries: 4.1 oz   

Size: 2.8"x1.8"

Light: 74 Lumens

Water Resistance: IPX7

Batteries:  3 AAA bat.s Included