Snap Dragon Designs Glacier Trek Breathable Spray Skirt w/ Adjustable Neo Waist Band and Knee Safety Release Strap

Snap Dragon Designs Glacier Trek Breathable Spray Skirt w/ Adjustable Neo Waist Band and Knee Safety Release Strap

Snap Dragon Designs Glacier Trek Breathable Spray Skirt w/ Adjustable Neo Waist Band and Knee Safety Release Strap

$ 175.00 USD


Glacier Trek Breath w/ Knee Safety Release Strap is our most popular sea kayak spray skirt, and there are a lot of good reasons why. The adjustable Velcro flaps on the chest tube/tunnel make it easy to step in and out of the spray skirt. These side adjusters also make it possible to have one sprayskirt that fits you well for both summer and winter paddling - saving you money. The adjustable tube feature is also a safety feature because it makes it easier to pump out your kayak with the skirt sealed to the coaming --  as you need to do in waves (just open the Velcro and slide the bilge pump down the chest tube). Most of the chest tube is made of waterproof breathable fabric (the red area in the other photo, but ours are charcoal gray), but the top of the tube has a wide neoprene band that makes a dryer seal than nylon tubes with a bungee cord, and it stays up without the hassle of suspender straps. Even though the waist tube is adjustable, it comes in three sizes (see sizing below) -- otherwise small people would have so much puckering that water would leak down the top like a sieve.

The Knee Safety Release Strap gives you another option for opening the spray skirt in case you can't find the front release handle. In calm conditions we also use the knee strap to hold our chart on our lap, since you can't do much with a chart that's way up in front of the cockpit under the deck bungees.

We are very picky with the fit and comfort of our spray skirts. So rather than simply selling skirts with standard S-L deck sizes and standard fore and aft locations of the chest tube on the deck, we work with Snapdragon Designs to develop custom skirts for individual kayaks. We stock hundreds of spray skirts for the kayaks we sell and for many other common sea kayak models that we don't sell including Pigmy plywood kit kayaks, and if we don't have what you need in stock we can get one made in a couple weeks.

For example, we not only have special skirts just for the Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 sea kayak, we have individual skirts for the Roto-molded version of this kayak vs. the fiberglass version because there are slight differences in the shape of their coamings. You could just put a standard Medium deck spray skirt on either of these kayaks and call it good enough, but it wouldn't be the same.

This attention to detail is especially critical for spray skirts with non-adjustable tension in the shock cord (no knot). Our skirts with non-adjustable shock cords are generally a bit looser fitting than standard off the shelf skirts you'll find elsewhere; so they are easier to open and close. To make a looser spray skirt that stays on when it is supposed to (i.e. not implode when a wave dumps on it), it has to fit the shape of the coaming very well and have the chest tube located in just the right spot on the deck of the skirt - hence our custom skirts. If you try our skirt and prefer a tighter or looser fit, return it to us and we will have the tension in the shock cord reset - no charge. If you don't see a skirt for your kayak here, contact us about ordering a custom skirt.

Made in Washington, USA

Materials: Supratex Neoprene Deck, SympaTex Breathable Tube, Neoprene Waistband w/Hook & Loop Side Adjusting Flaps

Color: Black Deck, Gray Tube, Red Release Handle, Silver/Black Emergency Knee Safety Release Strap

Tube Sizing

We recommend sizing the tunnel ("chest tube") according to your hip size so you can easily step in and out of it. Once you have it on around your waist, you can use the Hook & Loop Side Adjusting Flaps to cinch it down to fit your waist.

Available tunnel / chest tube sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • Hips smaller than 36" = Small tube size
  • Hips between 34" - 45" = Medium tube size
  • Hips between 43" - 55" = Large tube