2011 Greenland Week Competition Results


2011 Competition Results for the 2nd Annual Greenland Week Kayak Competition
Lake Sammamish State Park - Issaquah, WA

October 28-30, 2011
Hosted by: Kayak Academy


Greenland Week Kayak Festival consists of a week of traditional Greenland-style kayaking lessons, demonstrations, social activities, and the most complete kayak competition of it's type held outside of Greenland. We were honored once again to have Maligiaq Padilla (from Greenland), Dubside, Helen Wilson, George Gronseth and other expert instructors share their knowledge and skills for this week. Awards were given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each event as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall for combined points in the Overall Kayak Championship. First place winner in the Traditional Arctic Paddling race also won a 3-piece Carbon Greenland Paddle donated by Northern Lights Paddles. First place Harpoon Throwing won a neoprene Avataq donated by Brooks. First place in Kayak Rolling won a neoprene Akuilisaq donated by Brooks. First place in the overall Kayak Champion got to take home a Silver Norsaq Pendant (given by Kayak Academy) and a Goretex Drysuit donated by Kokatat. Kayak Academy also gave Recognition Award Medallions for all participants in each event (graphics for these awards were designed by local "G"-style paddler Warren Williamson). In addition to the competition, Saturday evening we all enjoyed a Northwest Cuisine Dinner (i.e. grilled fresh wild salmon), music by the local band "South Cove", and Rob Avery's presentation: Kayaking Aleutian Islands, AK. Congratulations winners, and a big thank you to everyone who volunteered, sponsored, and attended this year's Greenland Week Kayak Festival!

The competition began Friday evening Oct. 28th with Greenland Rope Gymnastics.

Saturday was race day with human powered races organized by Sound Rowers. In addition to S.R.'s usual boat classes they had a class for "Traditional Arctic Paddling". Racers in the six mile TAP class received awards from both the S.R.'s and the Greenland Week Competition, and their race results counted for points toward the overall kayak championship at Greenland Week.

Sunday's events included Harpoon Throwing For Distance and Competition Rolling, and the awards ceremonies.

Final Competition Results:

Traditional Arctic Paddling Kayak Race (6 miles)
1st Place: Wayne Horodowich
2nd Place: Roy Scully
3rd Place: George Gronseth

Harpoon Throwing From Kayak for Distance
1st Place: Wayne Horodowich
2nd Place: George Gronseth
3rd Place: Michael Jackson

Kayak Rolling
1st Place: Alan Dunham
2nd Place: Christopher Scully
3rd Place: Michael Jackson

Rope Gymnastics
Noone made the minimum 20 points to qualify for awards in this event. Highest score went to Aaron Brand

Overall Combined Kayak Champion
1st Place: Wayne Horodowich
2nd Place: George Gronseth
3rd Place: Michael Jackson

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Thanks you to everyone who volunteered and helped with this festival, and

Thanks to all our sponsors!