NuCanoe Accessories and Seats

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See pictures below for images of the options.

Molded Seat (specify which boat model) plastic seat base w/ 2 screws $35.00
Softpad Seat No back support, Black $45.00
Expedition Seat Medium high back rest, best seat for active paddling, Black $80.00
Folding Swivel Seat w/o mount (for Frontier 12) Frontier only, Best seat for fishing, Black/Charcoal $75.00
Folding Swivel Seat w/mount For original NuCanoe 10' & 12', Best seat for fishing, Black/Charcoal $140.00
Captain's Seat Tall seat back, well padded bottom $150.00
Elite Seat Tall seat back, most comfortable $190.00
Sport Box (for original NuCanoe 10' 12') Cooler, bait box, catch hold $130.00
Modular Mult-Mount (for Original NuCanoe 10' &12') Cooler, bait box, catch hold $50.00
Stern Anchor System Anchor line and jam cleat (anchor not included) $35.00
Trolley Anchor System For staking instead of anchor, or to adjust position in wind with anchor, includes: line/jam cleats/ring/deck fittings (anchor not included) $30.00
Duck Blind Camo Cover w/supports $260.00
Camo Seat Tall, minimal padding, Camo for hunting $100.00
Rowing Outriggers Set w/1.75" Oar Locks (oars not included) $195.00
Oars 7' Oars w/ Oar Collars (Pair) $195.00
Wave Al Paddle Wave 2-pc Al shaft 270cm $70.00
Wave FG Paddle Wave 2-pc Fiberglass shaft 275cm $120.00
Wave Carbon Paddle Wave 2-pc Carbon shaft 275cm $150.00
U-Joint Tiller Extension Clamps onto handle/tiller for accessory motor $65.00
Cover Specify 10' and 12' $100.00
NuCanoe Transport Cart Fits into hole in transom $130.00
NuCanoe Trailer by Trailex Assembly required. We offer assembly service if picked up at our shop. Unassembled can be drop shipped - call for shipping quote $899.00

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