Greenland Week Competition 2011 FAQ

Greenland Week Competition 2011 FAQ’s



 Why should a competition be held outside of Greenland?

The popularity of Greenland skills has been growing internationally for many years. Informal rolling competitions have been held in many locations as well as some ropes and racing contests. The overwhelming cost in time and money of a trip to the Greenland games has prevented many who would like to go from doing so, yet they would still like to match their skills with others in a competition setting. With ever increasing interest in and demand for a formal Greenland style competition the U.S. the time is right.

Why is it a weekend, and not extended to four or more days so more than one race can be included?

Fitting the competition into a weekend allows participation from those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get the time off. Trying to stage a full-length week long event would greatly decrease the number of competitors signing up.

Why can’t it be held in a warmer time of year?

  1. It’s supposed to be like competing in Greenland, and Greenland isn’t warm.
  2. Having it at the end of the season allows people who work in the paddling industry to take part. Coaches, guides, retailers and reps wouldn’t have the time to spare in mid-summer.
  3. From May to October there are already a significant nuber of annual events of interest to traditional enthusiast. Scheduling something close to or in conflict with these dates dilutes the pool of available participants.
  4. Squeezing the program into a weekend is difficult. Every minute counts. The chosen dates provide an additional hour on Sunday morning because there is the switch to Daylight Savings Time.

Why isn’t there a portage race, or a team rolling event?
It’s just not feasible to squeeze everything into two and half days. As this competition gains momentum in years ahead, there may be ways to work in additional contests.

Why are there no kid’s divisions, or senior categories?

We plan to phase in what we can in coming years. This year we have recognition awards for everyone who attains a qualifying score.

Why can’t Euro or wing paddles be used?

This is a traditional event, and in that regard we are sticking with the rule in the Greenland National Competition, which states that, the participants in the paddling competitions are only allowed to use traditional paddles. (Qannat Kattuffiat Rules for Kayak Competitions §44.)

Why is the harpoon throwing only done for distance?

To save time. We hope to be able to add the accuracy throw in the future.

Why aren’t all thirty-five Greenland competition rolls included?

To facilitate the judging, to keep the pace more interesting to spectators, and to increase the safety factor. The walrus pull, the avataq roll and the paddling upside down all take extra time to prepare for and facilitate. Speed rolling requires the judge to fiddle with a stopwatch, and the person rolling can collide with other competitors. Yet the speed rolls are intriguing to watch so we have left in the standard rolls done for speed, while taking out the speed storm rolls.

Why is only one attempt allowed for each roll?

It eliminates the need for dialog between judge and competitor after a missed roll. Constantly calling back and forth as the competitor tries things twice gets boring to watch. We are aiming for a faster paced event.

Why are ropes and rolling only allowed 15 minutes?

  1. It allows more people to compete in the limited amount of time available during one weekend.
  2. It makes for a more exciting contest to watch because the clock becomes a much greater factor. Given a full half hour many contestants run out of moves way before they run out of time.
  3. Our intention is to honor and support the Greenland games, not overshadow or surpass them. This is, by design, a shortened and simplified competition. The real championship is organized by Qaannat Kattuffiat and held in Greenland.

Why does the clock keep running while a person gets handed the brick in rolling or while a person puts on the backpack during ropes? In Greenland it’s done as a timeout.

To ensure that things go according to schedule. By not allowing any timeouts there won’t be delays that extend into the next 15 minute slot and push back all subsequent scheduled starting times. Additionally, there can be three or more judging stations and all competitors are using the same time reference. When the 15-minute time period ends everyone’s time is up.

Why aren’t high ropes included?

Very few people outside of Greenland are ready to do high ropes competition. We hope to add it in years to come as skill levels rise.

Why is the individual race give double weight for scoring?

To more closely approximate the Greenland championship scoring which has four different races, making racing in general that much more significant a competition account for the tree individual races it replaces in the Greenland championships this would not quite be proportionally accurate because team rolling and harpoon for accuracy are also being omitted here and in Greenland would get added in with the final totals.

Why can’t a judge be eligible for a prize?

Conflict of interest. We realize that in Greenland there is no such restriction but we are offering prizes.

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