Adventure Lights Guardian LED Light

Adventure Lights Guardian LED Light

Adventure Lights Guardian LED Light

$ 18.00 USD

Guardian White LED Light (formerly branded as Essential Gear). Is the perfect light for sea kayakers to wear on the back of your PFD. It meets USCG requirements for 1 mile visibility, but it's not so bright as to blind your partners who are paddling behind you. It weighs nothing, it's as small as a men's watch, super reliable, rugged, and the "O"-ring seal makes it highly waterproof. Twist on-off is part of the key to the reliability and waterproofness of this light.

Tips: As shipped from the factory, the light is in the Flashing mode. Flashing is great for bicycling, but not for boating (could be confused with a distress signal but it's not bright enough to actually use that way). So as soon as you open the packaging, unscrew the lens and flip the batteries over. That's how you change to the steady-on, non-flashing mode.

Use the watch style attachment slots to strap the light to your PFD, helmet, boat etc. and through the snap-on belt clip away. The belt clip lacks any sort of tooth to lock it onto your belt etc. so using the clip will result in loosing your light, but the watch strap slots are great for securing the light to the square accessory patch on a PFD or to the side of an emergency strobe light etc. Just use a Velcro strap or electrical tape to lash it into place.

When turning the light off, slowly unscrew the lens till the light turns off then unscrew it a half turn more. With this setting it won't accidentally turn on and drain the batteries, and you won't compromise the "O"-ring's seal.

Steady-on and Flashing modes. Waterproof to 300'. 180 degree omni-directional w/ 1/4 mile side range & over 1 mile front range.

Uses (2) CR2032 lithium batteries. (included)