Aqua-Bound Manta Ray 2-Pc Posi-Lok - Sea Kayak Paddle

Aqua-Bound Manta Ray 2-Pc Posi-Lok - Sea Kayak Paddle

$ 139.95 USD was

Brief Description

The Manta Ray is the largest of Aqua-Bound's touring blades, and it has a modern style (not "low angle") sea kayak paddle blade. The all carbon model (with carbon abX blades and carbon shaft) is the lightest paddle made with with plastic blades this size on the market. But the Hybrid model is only about 1oz heavier and yet costs 1/3 less. The overall weight of either model is lighter than most all fiberglass paddles, and yet the injection molded plastic blades are much tougher and more durable than glass blades. The size of the Manta Ray's blade is perfect for most people from 135 - 225lbs.

Detailed Description

In general, short, wide blades like the Manta Ray's are more forgiving (less prone to diving) than long, narrow blades (i.e. as on low angle paddles). This makes paddles like the Manta Ray easier to use when learning rolling, sculling and other combination strokes such as for leaned turns, and such paddles are especially popular with advanced paddlers because the rougher the conditions you paddle in, the more you need to use strokes where short wide blades shine. When you are trying to spin your kayak around between wave crests in surf or high winds, you can really feel the difference that a forgiving blade makes. For recreational kayakers, the advantages of short wide blades may not be as noticeable as when rolling etc., but the benefits are still there.

The Manta Ray is available in Carbon or Hybrid models - the carbon model is is the lightest. The lighter a paddle, the less fatiguing it is to use. However, for most sea kayakers, the Hybrid Manta Ray is a great first paddle or spare paddle. When you've paddled enough to really know what paddle you like best and length, etc., you can upgrade to an all carbon laminate paddle (which will cost you a lot more) and turn this into your spare paddle (and will be a spare paddle that won't ruin your trip if you end up needing to use it).

The Manta Ray is available in standard and small shaft diameters. For most people (men and women), the standard shaft diameter is plenty small enough and they do well to build it up with after market grip tape, "Finger Boards", etc. The small shaft option is only right for people who have a trouble finding gloves small enough to fit their hands (XS and smaller glove size); if that's not you, get the standard shaft size.


The Posi-Lok ferrule system lets you adjust the feather angle in 15 degree increments from 0 - 90 degrees left or right.


Blade dimensions: 7.25" wide x 18" long

Standard lengths are: 210cm, 215cm, 220cm, 225cm, 230cm


Color: all Black

Weight for 220cm 2-piece with Posi-Lok ferrule system: 30.5oz


Color: White Hybrid blades/Black carbon shaft

Weight for 220cm 2-piece with Posi-Lok ferrule system: 31.75oz