Bow Float Bag for Low Volume and "Brit Style" Sea Kayaks

Bow Float Bag for Low Volume and

Bow Float Bag for Low Volume and "Brit Style" Sea Kayaks

$ 65.00 USD


Bow Float Bag for most British style sea kayaks (Tiderace, Valley, NDK, WS Tempest, etc). This bag is sized so as to fill the space from bow to the forward end of the bow hatch. The space under the bow hatch to the front bulkhead can be left open so you can still use that space for stowing extra clothes, lunch, etc.

Note: All sea kayaks should be equipped with back-up buoyancy (two forms of flotation in both ends). Float bags inside bulkhead compartments create a backup flotation system in case of a hatch leak (implosion in surf, operator error in closing/sealing hatch lid, or hatch rim leak, bulkhead leak, damage/hole in kayak hull, etc.)


These bags have a trapezoidal shape that helps them fit and stay in place better than triangular float bags - especially critical for kayaks without bulkheads.

Deflated dimensions 41.5"x22.0" (these are the dimensions from inside the seams not the outer edge of the fabric).

Made in the USA by Spirit Line Kayaks.

Made from urethane coated nylon

Color: Optic Green