Brooks Greenland Tuilik or Hooded Jacket Sprayskirt

Brooks Greenland Tuilik or Hooded Jacket Sprayskirt

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Brief Description

Brooks makes the best Traditional Greenland Tuliliq. Greenlanders only roll their kayaks. A wet exit is not an option in the Arctic. A Tuilik will keep you sealed and dry in your kayak. All of these are custom in the sleeve in order to fit over a drysuit and to fit a Medium Cockpit. The Tuliliq offers full coverage from head to cockpit at an affordable price. You can pull it on over top of everything, even over your PFD. 

Detailed Description

The size and cut of the Tuilik makes it extremely easy to pull on, and once it's on, you'll feel comfortable in the cold with a seal around your face. 

A well designed neoprene hood with a tensioning cord around the face, a fleece lined hand warmer pocket that is really nice when hanging out at lunch or camp, the front pocket has a hidden pass-through opening that provides access to your PFD pockets and other garments underneath, and there's reflective tape on the sleeves and hood. The Cag's adjustable shock cord fits Medium cockpits 19" X34"


2 ml Nepoprene 

Colors: Black


  • Small if you are under 5'and under 100 lbs, this is really a child's size
  • Medium if you are under 5'5" and under 130 lbs but larger than size Small
  • Medium-Large if you are under 5'8" and under 155 lbs but larger than size Medium
  • Large if you are under 5'10" and under 180 lbs but larger than size Medium-Large
  • Extra Large if you are over 5'10" and over 180 lbs.