Mountaineers Club Student Paddle Trip - RENTAL Packages Delivered

$ 45.00 USD

Mountaineers Club TRIP 1-Day RENTAL Packages - Club Member Students ONLY




Use the club's website to sign up as a participant on this trip. Check club's website for meeting time.

1-Day Rental Packages, Delivered To Put-In

Select one of three options in upper right menu (the cost will change accordingly):

rent just a dry suit package (1-day), $45.00
rent just a kayak package (1-day), $70.00
rent both dry suit and kayak packages (1-day), $115.00

Dry Suit Rental Package Includes: Men's or Women's Drysuit, Neoprene Booties and Cap (K.A. will deliver)

Sea Kayak Rental Package Includes: Sea Kayak, PFD, Paddle, Paddle float, Pump, Sprayskirt (K.A. will deliver)

Please print, complete, and bring to class: Liability Form

Damaged and/or lost rental dry suits, kayaks and gear are the renter's responsibility.

We can not accommodate boat preferences for these rentals. Kayak Academy will choose a rental kayak model appropriate for the sizing info you provide here. Please input accurate sizing.

These rentals are for Student Paddle Club Trips As Follows


  • Seattle Mtnr. Trip April 29, 2018 Lake Sammamish State Park (pick 9am) (closed)

  • Everett Mtnr. Trip April 28, 2018 Cornet Bay (closed)

  • Everett Mtnr. Trip April 29, 2018 Cornet Bay (pick 8am) (closed)

  • Seattle Mtnr. Trip May 5, 2018 Golden Gardens

  • Seattle Mtnr. Trip May 6, 2018 Golden Gardens

  • Seattle Mtnr. Trip May 19 , 2018 Chuckanut Bay (pick 8am)

  • Olympia Mtnr. Trip May 19, 2018 Boston Harbor (pick 9am)

  • Olympia Mtnr. Trip May 20, 2018 Boston Harbor

These are the only trips that we are delivering kayaks and/or drysuits. If you need to rent equipment for other club activities you will need to call the K.A. office for reservation and pick up rental equipment yourself at our shop. Rental drysuits can be shipped. To transport a kayak you must have or purchase from K.A. an approved roof rack and kayak cradles.

Club members are offered the greater of 15% off New Regular Priced Dry Suits or up to $150.00 of drysuit rental fees per suit may be used as credit to apply toward purchase of a new Dry Suit from K.A. before Aug. 31, 2018. And up to $300.00 of kayak rental fees per kayak may be used as credit to apply toward purchase of a new kayak from K.A. before Aug. 31, 2018.This may not be combined with any other offer or sale price.

SUMMER Kayak Rental Offer:

Club students may rent a Roto-Molded Plastic (RM) Sea Kayak (as available). Kayaks are rented on a 1st come 1st serve basis from Kayak Academy (you must have your own KA approved roof rack and kayak cradle to rent a kayak).

  • May 22 - August 21st this year (may not be combined with Open Water Lesson rental)

Note: The trip schedule on this page combines trips from all branches of the Mountaineers Club. Be sure the trip you are renting for is the same one you sign up to participate in (i.e. same date and branch of the club? Also verify that the trip you participate in is one that the club has arranged for Kayak Academy to deliver rentals (Note: If there is more than one trip on the same date we will alter the trip times that appear here. Ignore time listed here, check club's website for meeting time.). 

Note: If you sign up for more than one trip on a single transaction, you will only receive a reminder message for the first one.

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