Kokatat Tropos Tempest Jacket, Close-out color, Gray 20% off

Kokatat Tropos Tempest Jacket, Close-out color, Gray 20% off

Kokatat Tropos Tempest Jacket, Close-out color, Gray 20% off

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Brief Description

Kokatat Tropos Tempest Jacket is a great jacket for kayak fishing and canoeing, and it available in sizes all the way up to 3XL with no up-charge for larger sizes. It has a lot in common with Kokatat's Tropos TecTour Anorak jacket, except the Tempest Jacket is styled more for fishing and it has a warmer, snugger neck.

Combine the Tempest jacket with a farmer John wet suit and you'll be dressed for immersion as well as paddling in wind and rain. The Tropos Tempest jacket has a well designed hood that moves with your head when you turn to look behind. There's no neck gasket to choke or chafe your neck, instead it has Kokatat's "APT neo Punch-Through Collar" at the neck which which when combined with the hood keeps rain from trickling down your neck. Being able to cover your head and neck to prevent heat loss and hypothermia when the wind blows may allow you to wear thinner layers under the jacket, and thus you can stay comfortable over a broader temperature range than with any other paddling top.

Detailed Description

The waterproof / breathable Tropos shell fabric keeps the rain and spray off while letting perspiration out. All the seams are factory seam-taped. The Tropos Tempest jacket comes with: zippered, self-draining left sleeve pocket (for quick access to your camera, GPS, sun screen, and other essentials), reflective tape on sleeves and hood for safety, and the bottom of the jacket has two layers. If you are wearing a kayak spray skirt, the inner layer tucks inside your spray skirt and the out outer layer fits outside your skirt. This sandwiching of the spray skirt keeps your kayak drier when taking waves in the chest.


Colors: Gray

Unisex sizes: L, XL, XXXL

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