Current Designs Squamish

Current Designs Squamish

Current Designs Squamish

$ 1,299.00 USD

Brief Description 

Current Designs Squamish is a rotomolded british style kayak aimed at small to medium sized paddlers.  It is a user friendly performance kayak.


Detailed Description

The Squamish is a sporty boat that answers the call for a smaller rotomolded kayak that excels in touring performance. It represents a fresh approach to this category, incorporating some of the most desirable elements of North American and British design styles. The Squamish is sure to appeal to the wave of kayakers looking for a fun, easy-to-use, performance sea kayak for day paddling and short trips. Skeg and back band come standard.

Rough Fit Guide:

Paddler Size: Small

Standard Options

  • Backband
  • Retractable Skeg
  • Smart Track  Foot Brace
  • Rotomolded Polyethylene

Call the Kayak Academy to arrange a demo.



Overall Length: 15' 8" (477.52cm)
 Width: 23.00" (58.43cm)
 Depth: 12.5" (31.75cm)
 Weight: 54 lbs  Polyethylene
Cockpit Size:
 Length: 39.00" (73.66cm)
 Width: 16.00" (40.64cm)

Bow Hatch:
 Length: 9.50" (24.13cm)
 Width: 9.50" (24.13cm)
 Volume: 12.00Gal. (45.36L)

Stern Hatch:
 Length: 16.50" (41.91cm)
 Width: 11.00" (27.94cm)
 Volume: 18.00Gal. (68.04L)



Lime, Mango, Red, Yellow

Special Shipping Required

Kayaks are excluded from our free shipping policy. Sea kayaks are expensive to ship and prone to being damaged. We recommend picking them up at our shop. If needed, we can provide contact info for specialty boat hauling businesses so you to arrange your own FOB shipping.