Custom Kokatat GORE TEX PRO Legacy drysuit - Women's (Ticket)

Welcome to our new custom order page for the 2021 Kokatat Icon dry suit! Please follow the directions here to get the process started.

To start the process of getting a custom Kokatat GORE TEX PRO dry suit, we need some information:

  1. What colors you would like your suit to have, whether they are one of Kokatat's standard color schemes or a custom one created by you
    • This page will remember the colors you choose for your custom color scheme! Feel free to switch between the standard color schemes and you own custom one to see how they look
  1. Whether you would like any custom features, like custom sizing
  2. Your physical dimensions. You will need a cloth measuring tape at least 70 inches long for most measurements. If you don't have one or one that is long enough, string can be used get the measurement and laid next to a measuring tape to get the length

Please select your preferred color scheme, all the features you would like your suit to have, and fill out all the required fields with your measurements. Once all of that has been done, just hit the "Add to Cart" button below and check out as you would with any other item.

Please give Kayak Academy a call at 425-457-1083 if you have any questions.

NOTE: Kokatat is currently unable to take new orders for custom dry suits and won't be able to take more until mid-late July. If you make a request for a custom suit here, we will work with you to set up your suit order so that when Kokatat begins taking orders again, yours can be sent immediately. 


Base price of suit:

Cost of additional features:

Total cost:

Enter Size Information

Please fill out the following fields. We will use this information to recommend both the size suit that will work best and any custom alterations to the suit, such as limb and torso lengthening or limb shortening.

If you are buying mutliple custom drysuits, you will need to fill out sizing information for each suit.

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We would love to hear your feedback on this page! We want to make getting a custom suit as easy as possible so if you have any feedback on using this new custom dry suit builder, please let us know. This is not a required field to fill out