Stohlquist Escape PFD std. women's sizes

Stohlquist Escape PFD std. women's sizes

$ 69.95 USD

Stohlquist Women's Escape is the least expensive PFD for women that is worth buying -- anything cheaper will be a waste of money. Nothing fancy, it's a front zip USCG Type III PFD with one zippered pocket plus a top load pouch (for Kleenex etc.), adjustable padded shoulders and three cinch straps on each side. Women’s model has the foam in the chest shaped for a feminine fit. The foam is hand skived for a sleek and contouring fit, but to be honest, more expensive PFD's use better foam that's more flexible for a softer more comfortable feel. Better PFD's use more durable shell fabrics, but they cost twice as much. So at the price of the Escape durability shouldn't be a prime factor.

For XS women we have a separate item for the Escape XS PFD which is significantly smaller and shorter than the Women's XS/S size included here (which fits about like most other Women's S PFD's). The true XS Escape PFD fits short, small women much better than what the slight difference in the stated sizing info would imply. 

200D nylon shell and lining, YKK Front Zip. 

Buoyancy = 15 lbs. 10 oz. (all sizes)

Weight range, more than 90lbs (all sizes)

Women's XS/S = 28-34",

Women's    M/L = 34-40"

Women's  Plus = 40=46"