Helly Hansen Men's Lifa Dry Long Sleeve Crew

Helly Hansen Men's Lifa Dry Long Sleeve Crew

Helly Hansen Men's Lifa Dry Long Sleeve Crew

$ 36.00 USD was

Every kayaker needs several HH® Lifa Dry polypro tops. Polypro moves moisture away from your skin faster than any other base layer fabric, and this is exactly what you need when wearing a drytop or drysuit. HH made the original polypro, and their new Lifa Dry the best polypro ever. Once you try the new Lifa Dry you won't want to wear any other polypro. If you've got some old Helly Hansen or off-brand poly-pro sitting around, give it to Good Will.

It's amazing how much better the new Lifa Dry polypropylene long underwear is than other brands, or even compared to Helly Hansen's polypro from a decade or more ago. Other brands of polypro and older HH polypro just aren't as stretchy or soft and they get smelly faster. Little details in fiber length, thickness, the way fibers are spun into yarn, and then woven into fabric all make huge differences in the final product's performance. HH Lifa Dry is the best polypro long underwear on the market, ever.

Polypro is proven to wick moisture better than any other insulating clothing fabric. Polypro also insulates better when wet and dries faster than other fabrics. HH Lifa Dry is 100% polypropylene. This makes Lifa Dry the best base layer we've found to wear under a dry suit or dry top, and it's the least expensive option that really works well.

This HH Lifa Dry Long Sleeve Crew top is lightweight, soft, quick drying, antibacterial (odor resistant), non-allergic, compact when stowed, and long lasting. In warm weather this polypro crew shirt may be all you need to wear under your dry top, in cold weather this is an excellent base layer to wear under a fleece liner suit or pile sweater under your dry suit. If you are an active paddler, HH Lifa Dry long sleeve tops are so essential that you need at least a couple of them. We also recommend at least one short sleeve Lifa top too. And HH Lifa Dry l/s shirts are so economically priced that even cheap-scape kayakers can spring for a few of them. These will be your "go-to" long underwear tops; buy several of them because you'll use them so often that some are always in the wash.

Helly Hansen's Lifa Dry Long Sleeve Crew Shirt is designed to be close fitting. So it works best as your next-to-skin base layer. Polypro's natural stretchiness makes it comfortable and unrestrictive for this second skin fit.

Colors: Black or Dark Blue/Black

Sizes; S-XXL

(note: sometimes when people search for this they misspell it: Heli Hansen or Heli Hanson)