Jackson JKrate

Jackson JKrate

$ 189.95 USD

Jackson JKrate is a tough roto-molded box that makes it easy to transport your kayak fishing gear and mount rod holders onto. The JKrate comes with threaded inserts, two per side, on all four sides and two rail tracks on the lid so you can simply screw down Ram Tough Balls to mount your favorite rod holders on the sides and top - no need to drill holes or make backing plates. The two included rod holders can be mounted on the sides or top and they can be positioned and any angle. Although it looks like a cooler, the JKrate is not insulated, however, there are lots of soft coolers on the market that will fit inside the JKrate if you want to make it into a cooler.

For too long kayak fishermen have had to modify milk crates to use as a quick "pack all" container to transport gear from the car to the kayak, and then to hold all the extra stuff plus rods and landing nets while fishing. But milk crates have their drawbacks: small gear falls through or gets stuck in the holes, sand and water gets in your gear and the plastic breaks down and cracks from exposure to sunlight. The JKrate fixes these problems. It's like a beefed up UV resistant milk crate without the holes - what did you expect from Jackson Kayak? The lid is secured with tight bungee cords and the whole thing is strong enough to sit on. The JKrate comes with lots of mounting points that make it easy to attach the two included rod holders and add more fishing accessories too.

JKrate is designed to fit perfectly in the tank well on the back of the Jackson Cuda 12' and Cuda 14' Angler SOT Kayaks, but it will also fit most other popular SOT fishing kayaks. The JKrate is rectangular, not square, and the handles and rod holders can be repositioned so the longest side runs lengthwise or sideways depending on the dimensions of the tank well on your kayak. Cudas come with shock cords that can quickly be threaded through the JKrate's side handles to lash it down to the kayak - if needed, you could add similar shock cords to other kayaks for this purpose.

The JKrate comes with: a webbing carry strap, two side handles to lash it down to your kayak, two Ram Rocket Rod Holder Tubes with two Ram 1.5" Tough Balls, two 8" YakAttack Gear Trac Rails on the lid, eight threaded inserts (two per side), and a lid.

Dimensions at the base: 16"L 12.5"W 14"H or 12.5"L 16"W 14"H

Color: Green Elite, Marble Elite, Sand Elite

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