Kajaksport Inuksuk Greenland Paddle

Kajaksport Inuksuk Greenland Paddle

$ 442.50 USD

Brief Description

Kajaksport Inuksuk is an adjustable length, 2-piece carbon graphite Greenland style paddle. We've been waiting a long time for a better take-apart Greenland paddle -- the wait is over!

Detailed Description

The Inuksuk is lighter and more durable than most previous carbon Greenland paddles, and it's blade is sized to fit average to X-large American's hands better than any other graphite Greenland paddle on the market. The gently sloped shoulders between the loom and blades feels great whether paddling bare handed in the summer or wearing thick neoprene gloves in the winter. The external locking ferrule is simple and secure, making it quick and easy to find the perfect fit for your shoulder width or to take it apart to stow on deck without requiring tools.

The Inuksuk is designed and constructed differentely than other graphite Greenland paddles --  the carbon fibers go around the ends of the blades rather than being cut off at the tips, giving the end of each blade more structural integrity and prevents them from delaminating. Kajaksport has had zero returns for delaminating or wearing on their Inuksuk paddle in it's 5 year history.


  • 2-Piece
  • Material: Carbon (graphite)
  • Blade Width: 9.5cm max.
  • Overall Lengths: 215-228cm
  • Loom Lengths: 48-63cm
  • Weight : 750g