Kids Paddle Board & Kayak Day Camp (all-day, M-F)

$ 410.00 USD


Kidscamp swimming paddles grandeKids enjoy five full days of playing on the water while learning to paddle a variety of youth sized kayaks and stand up paddle boards (SUP). Over this week they'll discover lots of fun things do on paddle boards (S.U.P.) and sea kayaks. In this day camp, kids get to try sit-on-top recreational kayaks, touring/sea kayaks (tandems and singles) and stand up paddle boards. We provide paddle boards and kayaks that are specifically designed for youth to paddle. Your kids will learn basic paddling and safety skills while playing water games like sponge tag, going on a kayak treasure hunt, and racing -- each day is fun and different. On one of the later days the kids get to go on a half-day long kayak trip which gives them a real feeling of accomplishment when they can look back and see how far they've paddled under their own power!

Class sized limited to 12 students maximum with four-to-one student/instructor ratio.


There's no other Kids Paddle Sport Camp like this anywhere in the US. Our camps were created by Barbara Gronseth (K.A.'s Head of Youth Paddlesports Programs), Barb is a mother of two, a BCU North America Level II certified canoeing and kayaking coach as well as an ACA Level III Open Water Sea Kayak Instructory with decades of experience introducing youth to paddle sports. These camps lead students to their first BCU Paddlesports Performance Awards -- way cool! (K.A. is the only school in the NW offering the British Canoe Union's youth programs and awards) These camps help youth build physical strength, coordination, and balance appropriate to their age. All our camp instructors are chosen, trained, and mentored by Barb specifically for this program. Participants benefit from the Kayak Academy's resources of youth sized touring kayaks and SUPs, comfortable PFD's designed for paddling with youth sized fit, warm booties, and most unique of all - free use of wet suits or dry suits (depending on the weather and water temperature). This camp builds both self-reliance and teamwork skills. Watch your child's confidence, safety awareness and sense of accomplishment develop throughout the week.

Requirements: Even though PFD's will be worn whenever we are on the water, participants must be able to swim to take this camp. Outdoor type clothing is required -- no cotton (i.e. synthetic or wool long underwear tops and bottoms to wear under the dry suit), an equipment list will be provided with sign up.

We also offer Half-Day SUP Camps & Half-Day Kayak Camps for kids at L. Sammamish State Park. For the dates and more information on these programs, please click here Half-Day Kids Kayak & SUP Camp.

For Family Lessons and Party Rentals see our subsidiary: Issaquah Paddle Sports


Coach: Barb Gronseth (formerly Barb Sherrill) and Kayak Academy Camp Instructors

Locations: We offer these kids camps at two locations, Tibbitts Beach, L. Sammamish St. Park in Issaquah -- just 30 minutes east of Seattle, and at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. To see the schedule Mercer I. camps and sign up for youth paddle sports camps at Mercer Island, you must contact the Mercer Island Parks & Recreation Department. For youth paddle sports camps at Lake Sammamish, contact us at .

*The Mercer Island camps generally have larger class size and do not include the use of as many types of paddle craft (i.e. river kayak or canoe). Mercer Island camps are the ones starting on: 6/26 & 7/31/2017

Duration: 5 sessions, 9am-4pm
Class Size: 12*
Ages: 7-14
Tuition: $410 (Price includes use of: PFD, wet suit booties, dry suit or wet suit, kayak, paddle, and snacks)
Call us at or E-mail us at to make a reservation.

Please print out our Liability Release Form and bring it to the class.

Please read our Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Sample Course Syllabus

Day 1
Get wet, stay warm, and have a lot of fun! Each student is outfitted with their own PFD (life jacket), wet suit or dry suit, and neoprene wet suit booties. Then we let them run into the water and experience the weird/funny sensation of swimming in a dry suit. In the mornings and cooler days, only their hands and heads get wet, the dry suit keeps their clothes dry so they stay warm. Through this play they discover the suits and PFD's give them lots of buoyancy so they can relax and have fun in the water. Next each kid is fitted with their own kayak or SUP and paddle while we familiarize them with entry level safety skills -- first on the shore, then in shallow water near the beach. Paddle sport games that develop paddling skills through experiential learning complete the day.
Day 2
Confidence grows as they practice rescue skills and take a short trip along the shoreline of L. Sammamish State Park (at the south end of the lake). Along the way, students discover the challenge and joy of learning to keep a kayak going straight while touring, and kayaking through narrow passageways while exploring the wildlife and slow moving water of Issaquah Creek (which flows through the park into L. Sammamish) helps them develop some finer points of the maneuvering strokes. On the way back they will begin learning techniques to paddle faster and more efficiently.
Day 3
Pirate Day. Kids love our treasure hunt! Excitement is contagious as they learn to work as teams to solve the clues to find the hidden treasure. The clues are cleverly designed so they learn to use a chart and compass to navigate to the treasure. And this treasure chest is full of rewards they can play with.
Day 4
Game Day! We will have an obstacle course with relay races and combine land and water games.
Day 5
Pack a snack and extra clothes - we're going on a tour. This trip is an opportunity to use all the skills and experience they've acquired during the week for a successful kayak tour. Students participate in planning the tour for our final Day 5 Trip. We will look over the maps and charts along with checking the marine weather forecast of wind and wave conditions to determine the best destination and route for our trip. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment your son or daughter will get when they look back at where they started after paddling a few miles under their own power in a one-person kayak. Completion of the camp qualifies each student to be presented KA Performance Awards.

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