Kokatat Icon Retro Style Rear Entry Drysuit

Kokatat Icon Retro Style Rear Entry Drysuit

$ 1,175.00 USD

Brief Description

Rear entry dry suits have made a bit of a comeback among certain whitewater kayakers. With the Gore-tex® Icon dry suit, Kokatat combines all the best river kayak dry suit features into one retro style dry suit making the Icon the best rear entry drysuit for whitewater kayaking.

The advantage of the rear entry zipper for river kayakers is it eliminates the need for any opening in the overskirt. Front entry dry suits with overskirts have to have a way to pass the zipper through the overskirt, and even with a flap closure over this opening a trickle of water can get into the kayak if you are cartwheeling, rolling, etc. all day. For most river kayakers the leakage, if noticeable at all, is small enough to ignore. But if you are competing at freestyle it may be worth the hassle of using a rear entry suit. However, the new Kokatat Idol two-piece drysuit is another option that gives all the benefits of the rear entry dry suit without having to ask your buddies to zip you up. Be sure to check out the Idol suit.

Detailed Description

With a front entry suit, you can get in and out of it by yourself - without the risk of breaking the zipper. With rear entry dry suits, it is best to get a friend to help you zip  and unzip your suit. There are tricks for opening and closing a rear entry zipper by yourself. One trick is hooking a strap from the zipper pull to the roof rack on your car or a tree branch and then walking sideways to move the zipper. Or, if you are flexible enough you may be able to reach behind your head to work the zipper yourself. The trouble with all these tricks is that besides being awkward and tricky to do, you still run a serious risk of breaking your zipper. A broken zipper can ruin your day, and it will take a a month or two plus a couple hundred dollars to get it fixed. The new Kokatat Idol two-piece drysuit is another option that gives all the benefits of the rear entry dry suit and more without the hassles. Be sure to check out the Idol suit too.


  • The tosro is made of the same 3.21oz 3-layer Gore-Tex Evolution fabric Kokatat builds their other Gore-Tex drysuits with.
  • The bottom half of the Icon dry suit is made of a special Cordura® Gore-Tex which has the highest abrasion resistance of any waterproof/breathable fabric.
  • The shoulders and sleeves are made of Cordura Gore-Tex and the
    • Cordura Gore-Tex in the high wear areas makes the Kokatat Icon and Idol style suits the most durable whitewater dry suits ever.
  • Relief Zipper (covered with a zipper flap so it is hard to see in the photo)
  • Gore-Tex dry socks
  • Sizes:
    • S-XXL

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FREE KA Drysuit Care Kit included with this suit (KA Drysuit Owner/Maintenance Guide, Zipper Lube, 303 Protectant gasket lube, and Synthetic Fabric Soap and KA Washing Instructions)

If needed, we can help you order a custom sized Kokatat drysuit; contact us if you have questions about the fit.

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