Kokatat Gore-Tex Meridian Drysuit Men's GMER Close-Out Colors 20% off XL only

Kokatat Gore-Tex Meridian Drysuit Men's GMER Close-Out Colors 20% off XL only

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Brief Description

The Kokatat GMER dry suit (Goretex Meridian w/ Relief Zipper and GoreTex® Dry Socks) is the gold standard by which all other white water river kayaking dry suits are judged. The Gore-Tex Meridian dry suit is a one-piece dry suit with a front entry zipper and over-skirt. Depending on your priorities, the best drysuit for river kayaking will be either the GMER or the 2-piece Kokatat Idol suit (if your not good at mating separating zippers then the GMER is your suit). The Kokatat GMER dry suit comes in Men's and Women's styles, and we have separate descriptions for each. This page is about the Men's Kokatat GMER drysuit.

Detailed Description

The defining features of all versions of the Kokatat Meridian dry suit (GMER and H3LMER) are an over-skirt and covered front entry zipper. The overskirt sandwiches your kayak spray-skirt like the double tunnel on a dry-top to keep your kayak drier while rolling, surfing and paddling in waves. Kokatat GMER drysuits also have a front entry zipper that runs diagonally across the chest of the suit making it easy to get in and out of (as opposed to suits that still use a rear-entry zipper across the shoulders which require a buddy to open and close plus some contortions to get in and out of). A flap covers the front entry zipper, "punch-through" neoprene gasket protectors cover the latex neck and wrist gaskets, and there's a self-draining zippered chest pocket with a key lanyard loop inside. GMER suits also include Gore-Tex® Dry Socks which are the best of all solutions for the bottom of the leg (as opposed to latex drysocks or ankle gaskets). The punch-through neck and wrist covers act as a double seal while eliminating any scratchy/sticky Velcro® around your neck and wrists.

Note: Although the Kokatat GMER Meridian dry suit was primarily designed for river kayaking, some sea kayakers also choose it (or the Expedition EXP drysuit) for the over skirt feature.


The Kokatat GMER Meridian is made of 3.21 oz. nylon 3-layer Gore-Tex® (much tougher than the Gore-Tex® used for rain-gear) with Cordura® seat and knee patches to reinforce heavy wear spots, and metal-tooth, heavy duty zippers (not plastic) waterproof to more than 20'.

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FREE KA Drysuit Care Kit included with this suit (KA Drysuit Maintenance Guide, Zipper Wax, 303 Protectant gasket lube, and Synthetic Fabric Soap)

If needed, we can help you order a custom sized GMER drysuit; contact us if you have questions about the fit.

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