Kokatat Surge Paddling Suit w/ soft neck - no neck gasket, 2-piece Gore-Tex Rec. Paddling Suit

Kokatat Surge Paddling Suit w/ soft neck - no neck gasket, 2-piece Gore-Tex Rec. Paddling Suit

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Brief Description

The Surge Paddling Suit is first of it's kind. It's a two-piece lightweight Gore-Tex suit with a Neo. Cinch Collar instead of a latex gasket. The pants can be worn by themselves as dry pant/waders handy for around camp fishing from the bank and the top can be worn by itself as a paddle jacket (it has latex wrist gaskets to prevent water from getting in the sleeves). When zipped together it is totally dry except for the Neo. neck which will allow a little water to get in when your neck is underwater (that's the trade-off for the comfort of no tight fitting neck gasket)

The SwitchZip technology that makes this dry two-piece system work is the same proven system Kokatat developed for the Idol drysuit introduced in 2015 and the 2016 Radius suit. These suits are full-on dry suits for river and sea kayakers and they've been well tested in all kinds of extreme conditions. Other than the 2-piece zipper the Surge Paddling Suit is basically the latest upgrade to the popular Lightweight Gore-Tex Paddling suit which had the same Neo. Cinch Collar but in a one-piece design. As an added plus, the top and bottom of the Surge suit can be mated with any other Kokatat product of the same size with the SwitchZip. So you could mix and match with say the Kokatat Passage hooded jacket (which is available with or without the SwitchZip and also has no latex neck gasket) or with the top or bottom of one of Kokatat's two-piece drysuits.

Kokatat's Paddling Suits would be drysuits except the neck is a "Neo. Cinch Collar". This neck won't seal as well as a dry suit's latex neck gasket, but the neoprene neck is a lot more comfortable than a rubber neck gasket. As long as you aren't practicing multiple rolls in a kayak or going for a long swim off shore, the neck on the Kokatat Gore-Tex Surge Paddling Suit may be good enough for your paddling needs (rec kayaking, canoeing rivers, frostbite sailing, SUP paddling, etc.). In other words, you will get several spoons full of water down the neck each time your head and/or neck go under water which is why this is a semi-dry paddling suit, but from the neck down the Kokatat Gore-Tex Surge Paddling Suit is the same as a dry suit.

For kayak fishermen and others who paddle hard in wide SOT kayaks and/or those who know they tend to sweat more than most, we recommend this suit over the Kokatat Tropos Super Nova Paddling Suit or the Angler Suit because you'll be less sweaty in a Gore-Tex paddling suit.

Detailed Description

The Kokatat Gore-Tex Surge Paddling Suit is made of lightweight waterproof/breathable 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric with 330 Cordura Gore-Tex® seat and knees. This Gore-Tex is like that used for high-end mountain rain gear, but it is lighter weight than the Gore-Tex Evolution fabric Kokatat builds the rest of their Gore-Tex dry suits from. The Gore-Tex Surge Paddling Suit comes in Men's and Women's styles, and we have separate descriptions for each. This page is about the Men's Kokatat Gore-Tex Surge Paddling Suit .

The Men's Kokatat Gore-Tex Surge Paddling Suit comes standard with: reflective tape on sleeves, latex wrist gaskets with adjustable over-cuffs at the wrists and ankles (that cover the top of your booties to keep gravel out), waterproof breathable dry-socks made of 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric, and a water-sports dry zipper that runs around the waist of the suit making it easy to get in and out of. The two-piece SwitchZip zipper can be partially opened in the front to function as a Relief Zipper (for speed and convenience when nature calls).

On the down side, the two-piece SwitchZip isn't for everyone. Like fully separating zippers on jackets, PFD's, and sleeping bags, it does take some finger dexterity and patience to mate the ends of the zipper in order to get it started. However, once the end of the zipper is mated running it around your waist is easy.


Made of waterproof/breathable 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric with 330 Cordura Gore-Tex® seat and knees. The zipper is watersports plastic two-piece fully seperating SwitchZip zipper introduced in 2015 that Kokatat has put years of development and testing into. No custom options or sizing alterations are available on this model suit.

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Men's Colors: Mantis (light green), Electric Blue

Men's Sizes: S-XXL

Men's Kokatat Drysuit Sizing Table