Kokatat GoreTex Deluxe Boater Pant

Kokatat GoreTex Deluxe Boater Pant

Kokatat GoreTex Deluxe Boater Pant

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Brief Description

Kokatat GoreTex Deluxe Boater Pants make great rain pants for camping on river trips etc. When the water is warm and you don't need immersion wear protection, you can also wear these as splash pants while rafting or canoeing. However, if you fall into the water you will get soaked.

Detailed Description

The reason most rain pants leak is because of their quality, both the fabric quality and the manufacturing quality (sewing and seam taping). With these rain pants you get Kokatat's superb manufacturing quality in a product made from 3-layer GoreTex Pro Shell waterproof/breathable fabric that is sewn and seam sealed by Kokatat in USA. GoreTex Deluxe Boater Pants are available in Men's and Women's sizes, and we have a separate pages for them.

The GoreTex Deluxe Boater Pants have a neoprene waist band with a bungee cord belt, neoprene ankle cuffs that cinch with "hook & loop" tabs, and a self draining thigh pocket with "hook & loop" closure. In hot weather, the neoprene waist band can feel clammy, but it has a natural grip that helps the pants stay up without the hassle of suspenders.


Men's Sizes: S-XXL

Unisex (Men's) Kokatat Sizing