Kokatat Neo Zip John Wetsuit

Kokatat Neo Zip John Wetsuit

$ 155.00 USD

The Kokatat NeoZip John is one of the most comfortable kayak wetsuit bibs. The front zipper is double ended and long enough to allow you to answer nature's call without taking the suit off. The 3mm thick neoprene is waterproof and insulates when wet.

Note wetsuits need to be snug fitting to keep you warm in the water. The tighter a wet suit fits the less cold water leaks in, and the less water that gets in the less cold you get. Kokatat wetsuits are a little more generous than most, Kokatat wet suits are designed fit snugly on people of average body types -- you don't have to be skinny to wear them. If need be, you can always modify a wetsuit to make it snugger by cutting out a dart and gluing it back together with wetsuit cement.

All suits are mostly black, but shoulder highlights are color coded by size.
S Gray
M Blue
L Red
XL Green

Sizes: Men's S-XXL

Men's Kokatat Drysuit Sizing Table