Kokatat Surfskin Balaclava

Kokatat Surfskin Balaclava

Kokatat Surfskin Balaclava

$ 40.00 USD


Kokatat Surfskin Balaclava is a more comfortable form of headwear than a neoprene wetsuit hood because it is thinner and stretchier. The Surfskin Balaclava keeps the wind off your neck while insulating your head for rolling and rescue practice as well as for paddling or sailing in winter or rain. Kokatat's SurfSkin fabric is a warm, soft, fuzzy rubber that's a super stretchy, water and wind-proof rubber coated fleece. The Kokatat Balaclava packs small enough to stuff in a pocket on the front of your PFD when not needed. Sometimes we wear the Surfskin Balaclava by itself (paddling in wind, under a helmet for surf or river kayaking, rolling in the lake), and sometimes we wear it under other head wear (such as the Seattle Sombrero rain hat) for added warmth (covering your neck goes a long way toward reducing hypothermia), and when practicing rolls in winter water temperatures we like to layer the Surfskin Balaclava over top of Kokatat's Surf Skin Bill Cap or Strap Cap for two layers of warmth.


Large size is big enough to fit L-XXL hat sizes; Small size fit XS-M.

Sizes: S, L

Colors: Black