Kokatat Women's BaseCore Long Sleeve Top

Kokatat Women's BaseCore Long Sleeve Top

$ 70.00 USD

Kokatat's BaseCore Women's Long Sleeve Top is a long underwear shirt made with a unique blend of 76% polyester/24%polypropylene silkweight Polartec® Power Dry® sourced and made entirely in the US. BaseCore has been designed specifically to work in concert with a breathable dry suit or dry top to keep paddlers comfortably warm and dry without overheating in hot weather or giving you that clammy feeling other stretchy tops do. Polypropylene is the best wicking fabric and that is what the inner knit is. Polypro is hydrophobic and aids in rapid moisture transport, keeping the you and the inside of your drytop dryer. Polyester is more resistant to odor build up than polypro and polyester is naturally very elastic so clothing made of polyester can be stretchy without needing to add rubber (i.e. Spandex®) which reduces wicking while increasing conductive heat loss and weight. Both polypro and polyester have low thermal conductivity which means less heat loss for such a thin layer. If you can't wear wool, and don't want a 100% polypro shirt, BaseCore is the layer for you.

Colors: Black

Sizes: Women's S - XL

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